Experiencing the Empty Nest Syndrome

almost 2 years agoAugust 26, 2018
Thank you for your words. They do make sense in a intellectual level. Understood. But, How about you feel totally devastated just in the middle of a international divorce, move to the States where I live for 30 years and come back home to Spain AND my 14 years old daughter just left me here to come back to her dad and her school. I can understand is for her good that is why I do it, because I love her, BUT do you know how much it hurts? the pain? Her room is empty until Christmas and then again summer with me. Doctor DeMartini you are my last card to play. Some women after divorce spent some money to surgery or Botox I plan my try to London while I was still living in the States with him, AH! my dear grandma died before I have the time to get to Spain, legal issues. So, I am coming to see you the 21 of September on London because I don't have any more motivation to life without seeing my daughter grow up. Looking forward. Silvia Bures in Spain Silvia Brownlow in USA
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